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I love the  Society of Children Writers and Illustrators conferences!

This illustration was made during the Society of Children Writers & Illustrators Conference in Miami, Florida.

I thought it was so funny when Michelle Hodkin told us the story of all her agents and how one quit to become a FBI agent!.


I love assisting to this conferences because I learn a lot about the writing process and how important it is

for the text and image to complement when you are making a picture book. It's like one needs the other to be 

able to tell the story, because if one works without the other then one of them is just unnecessary. 


Also getting to know people in the industry! Wow! The people you will meet!

- Laurent Linn Art Director!

- Raúl Colón, Illustrator of more than thirty books including a wordless book!

- Pat Cummings, Children's Book Author and Illustrator.

- Dan Yaccarino an American author, illustrator and television producer.

- Michelle Hodkin is an American New York Times bestselling author.

Frank Remkiewicz, Children's book author and illustrator.

- Debbi Ohi, writer and illustrator.

Tammi Kippes Children book author.

- Jonathan Mayberry, American author of horror fiction.

and many more...

But the best of all, they are all so nice, you wouldn't even think they are so important,

it's such an amazing atmosphere you will miss it the rest of the year!


Here are some pictures of this conference which I had the pleasure to assist with my best friend and one of my lovely clients! 

With the great Zebo and Marcea


With Bob we met in the conference 2013.


With my Best Friend that came all the way from Colombia!


I go crazy buying books :-)


With Tammi Kippes!


With Pat Cummings


With Frank Remkiewicz, I admire him so much, it took me 3 conferences to ask him for a picture!


With Debbie Ohi


With Jonathan Maberry, my friend and my client! 


With the amazing Linda Shute! Great illustrator too by the way! 


So if you are an author, illustrator or want to get into the industry I can tell you this will be an amazing learning, networking and fun experience!

To learn more about this conferences and about the society in general visit

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