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The importance of a well behaved dog

Having a dog is one of the best things you can do in life, they are the best companions!
A house broken, well behaved pet makes life much easier for owners. But how to teach these things to your dog? Well they’re many ways, what you will need is a lot of patience and constant practice!.
In our house Paco attended Sunday classes with his amazing trainer Christine Snelgrove from He started with the puppy beginners class then took the intermediate, advance, college and graduated from the trick class! He really enjoys working with Christine and it makes for a great Sunday plan! 
We constantly practice the tricks he learn in our home and daily walks, slowly taking away the treats, remember your pet needs physical and mental exercise so they don’t get bored and develop bad habits. 
If interested in contacting Christine visit or give her a call at (954)829-3593


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